Conditions of Entry

At Bunker we strive to offer a safe and respectful environment for you. As such here a few I hear a few points followed will ensure that this is the case for all our guests.

  1. You must be 18 years of age, and should you be asked for staff present ID confirming such
  2. Drugs and alcohol I’m not tolerated at Bunker. Should you be under the influence of either you’ll be asked to leave or entry to Bunker denied.
  3. There should be no soliciting at Bunker
  4. Unacceptable or aggressive behaviour and language towards our staff or guests will not be tolerated at Bunker. If you display this, you may be asked to leave.
  5. At Bunker we ask that you respect our wishes and not bring food or drinks into the premises.
  6. The use of drugs at Bunker is prohibited. Should we suspect, you may be using will ask you to leave.
  7. The use of cameras, and mobile phones within Bunker is forbidden without prior written authorisation from management. Please restrict your use of your mobile phone to the locker areas.
  8. Boundaries are different for us all. So please respect others. So yes, enthusiastically say no respectfully and accept a No gracefully. More information around the New South Wales sexual content. Laws are available here
  9. Should another guest at Bunker make you feel threatened, or uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to have a chat to one of our staff.
  10. Safe sex is something we all have the right to choose. Please respect other’s choices around condoms. For more information on STI’s and risk prevention visit here